My New Edward & Bella Fan Vid

Hi all,

Well, as most of you know I love making music videos of my favs. And this one is a new fan vid of Edward & Bella from Twilight. I used the song What Have You Done by Within Temptation and it fit perfectly! Feedback = love

Okay, aside from this. Jason Behr finally came out of his Behr Cave, I am ecstatic! He looks even more gorgeous than ever. He looked incredibly hot on that red carpet with his wife KaDee. And the fact that we have over 100 pics from that event is priceless. Happy Early Birthday to me!
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My first profile post

Hi everybody,

I know you have been waiting for me to do this. What can I say, real life sucks sometimes when you wanna post. But anyway, this is my first post on my LJ. You must be real proud. And for some of you who don't know me, I am Jennifer, but you can call me Jenn. A lot of you know me from as the moderator of the Roswell and Jason Behr boards. And some of you have seen me on the various Twilight forums, which is my new obsession (Thanks Erin!). So hopefully you will see more of me on LJ and see how my days, or even weeks are going.

So this is what happened this past week. My parents came in from NYC to visit me in Los Angeles last week. It was great seeing them since I haven't seen them since New Year's. We had a great time. They loved exploring and wouldn't let me pay for anything while they were in town. We even went to Las Vegas on Thursday since my dad's boss invited us so that was fun! The drive is long though, 4 hours in a car looking at nothing isn't fun. But I did win at the slots which was cool. Then on Saturday my parents took me food shopping and bought me an Ipod Pink Nano as an early birthday gift. They even gave me some extra cash to buy myself new glasses and get the brakes done on my car.

So anyway, I am at work so I better get to it.

Best wishes,
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